Lista dei trofei e obiettivi di Need for Speed


Electronic Arts e Ghost Games tramite il sito ufficiale hanno svelato la lista completo degli obiettivi e dei trofei di Need for Speed. Il gioco avrà 30 obietivi/trofei, ecco la lista completa (al momento in inglese):

Home Is Where Your Car Is // 5G, Bronze        
Acquired your spot in the garage

Guidance From Amy // 10G, Bronze      
You reached Amy's goal of upgrading your engine's horsepower

R.W.B. // 30G, Silver
You've met the legendary builder Nakai San.

Iconic Builder // 40G, Silver
You've Become a Build Icon

I Am Speed    // 10G, Bronze
You've Beaten Magnus' Record Time

Urban Outlaw // 30G, Silver        
You've Beaten Magnus' Personal Challenge

Fulfilling The Need // 40G, Silver
You've Become a Speed Icon

Training Wheels Off // 10G, Bronze       
You've learned to drive with style

Single Take Star // 30G, Silver     
You've completed a single-take of Ken's Gymkhana

The Hoonigan // 40G, Silver        
You've become a Style Icon

Unstoppable // 10G, Bronze        
Beat the Outlaw's "2 roadblocks in a pursuit" challenge

Surprised? Me Neither // 30G, Silver     
You've uncovered the truth…

Above The Law // 40G, Silver      
You've become an Outlaw Icon

One For All… // 10G, Bronze       
You've found yourself a crew

Choo Choo! // 30G, Silver 
All aboard the drift train!

… And All For One // 40G, Silver
You've reached the top with your crew

The Ultimate Icon // 110G, Gold 
You've become the Ultimate Icon

Early Days // 20G, Silver  
You've reached rep level 10

Getting Noticed // 30G, Silver     
You've reached rep level 25

Can I Get Your Autograph? // 110G, Gold          
You've reached rep level 50

Tuned For Excellence // 10G, Bronze    
Win any event with a tuned car

Social Scene // 15G, Silver
Get called out by other racers 50 times for your skills

3-Peat // 20G, Silver          
Win three events in a row

Beyond Extreme // 45G, Silver    
Tune a car to max drift or grip settings

Full Power // 45G, Silver  
Equip top end performance parts to each category of a car

Full House // 35G, Silver  
Fill each spot in your garage

Building Your Stable // 15G, Silver         
Purchase another car for your garage

That Perfect Moment // 25G, Silver       
Max out all 5 scoring styles in a single moment

No Filter // 5G, Bronze     
Take your first snapshot

Serious Fun // 110G, Gold
Complete 15 daily challenges

I Feel The Need… // Platinum     
Collect All Trophies

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